About Us

Founded in early 2017, Kurdcoin’s mission is to provide a world-class cryptocurrency exchange service to individuals and companies in Iraq and Kurdistan region. Ever since, we have enabled thousands of users all over Iraq to buy and sell cryptocurrency through cash and digital payment methods in a fast, secure, and convenient way. 

Our vision is that through crypto markets, individuals in Iraq will achieve financial independence by making cryptocurrency trading and investment a source of their income for a better and more prosperous life. 

We believe in the democratization of crypto markets and we think everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from and have a stake in a technology that is changing our lives. Therefore, aside from our exchange service, through our social media we provide quality news and updates on crypto markets free of charge. Kurdcoin social media is the biggest source of crypto news and information in Iraq.

We are witnessing the early stages of a financial revolution, so cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology are here to transform our world in ways may not yet predict. Our hope is that both the Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional Government will take the necessary steps towards their adoption and taking advantage of the many opportunities they bring. 

What do we do?

We work in three interrelated areas. First, we facilitate both fiat-to-crypto exchange and vice versa. Second, we provide news, info and market updates through our social media to crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors. Third, we provide crypto and blockchain-related consultancy services to companies, government institutions and individuals.

What we do in a nutshell:


Kurdcoin’s main function since its founding has been crypto exchange. We exchange fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat. More than 95% of clients in Iraq transact using physical cash, which is why we have designed our service for the convenience of cash traders. Clients pay cash at one of our partner money-transfer offices, and we transfer crypto to them. When they sell, they send us crypto first, and we send them cash for collection.

Crypto news and information

Kurdcoin is the best cryptocurrency news service in Kurdish and Arabic languages. We are currently the biggest source of crypto news with more than 30k followers and that number keeps growing. We make high quality crypto news and info available for Kurdish and Arabic speaking users in a timely manner. 


Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies are evolving fast, and governments, organizations and companies around the world have gradually started using them. We have several years of knowledge and experience and have a large network of experts, developers, advisors and leaders in the industry. We can help you take advantage of the many opportunities that are present and help you make the right decisions.

We are constantly adding new services & features. Keep an eye on our social networks to stay updated: